Inheritance A1b


One last fix before work starts on the next build of the game.   This build only has a few small changes from your perspective, but actually quite a bit has been changed in the background.   Changes include:

-Update to Cheat Menu.  Additional skills have been added, though those skills do not affect anything yet. (Cheat Build only)

-Cheat Menu may look largely the same, but its been completely rebuilt in the background.  Should be in its final form now with the exception of any additional items actually added to the Cheat Menu. (Cheat Build only)

-Did some pretty significant work to the Sidebar.  Should have cleaned it up a bit from your perspective, but in addition to that it should make things just a little easier on our end as well by having a more intuitive layout.

-I had a single person report that the summoning bug was persisting.  Not sure if this was a fluke, if they were using an old save, or what the deal was.  Regardless, the issue has been addressed in detail by one of our coders and should be both fixed, and the code improved, related to this.

This should be the last fix before the next major build of the game.  The plan is to go into this next week working on Inheritance.  Going to drop a minimum of three interactive scenes into the game and try to add the sleep mechanic.  Once the sleep mechanic is in the game, we'll have a template in place for almost every other mechanic that's going to appear in the game in the near future.   :D