Inner Critic Investigation, Day 1
Hi Everyone!

In honor of releasing my latest podcast episode with writing coach Deb Norton, I'm launching into a week of writing prompts to help you get to know your inner critic a little better. Deb and I collaborated on these questions, and we're hoping they can give you all some insight into what your little jerks want most in the world. 

The rules are as follows:

  • Get a pen and a sheet of paper.
  • Set a timer for six minutes.
  • WRITE. Ask your inner critic the question and find out what they have to say. Keep your pen moving, even if you're writing lies or "Blah blah blah" over and over. 

There will be a new prompt once per day for the rest of the week. This is a great exercise to do as a warmup before you sit down to tackle your daily NaNoWriMo goal, or just launch into creative work of any nature. There are no wrong answers. Go wild.

(Looking for more? There are tons of prompts like these on Deb's Instagram, and in her fabulous book.)

Good luck!