Happily Ever After (Vannes Vlog)
One of these days, I'll work out a way to remember to share videos when I finish them. I scheduled this a couple weeks ago and forgot to share it with you. Sorry. I'm still working on that whole organization thingy...

This video was recorded in Vannes in Brittany. It's not as deep as I'd like. We got cut short our tour by a lot of rain that blew in. But it definitely brings back some wonderful memories. 

I used the song "Happily Ever After" as recorded on my kids CD. It struck me that I should do a Celtfather episode to talk about that song. I find kind of interesting how the lyrics were born. But I'll save that for another day.

Thank you again for your generous membership in the Gunn Runners Club so I can make and share my music with you! :)


PS. Oh! Yesterday, I used YouTube Live to record a few songs. Watch that video here

I want to do a lot more live videos in the days to come, either on Facebook or YouTube. What song would you like to hear on my next live recording?