Show Notes [SSL86] Bev with the Strawberry Nose
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Show Notes:

Using and Experiencing Degrees of Personhood

MIN 00:30

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MIN 01:30

How we experience personhood and those three degrees

 Gratz College course (EDU527)

Parker J. Palmer
A list of his books
His website 

• Journal Article by Mordechai Gordon is here as an attached document you can download.

Beverly with the Strawberry Nose
 I / It (Object)

Min 08:00

I / You (separate, but seen as a person and indicative of a closer connection)

MIN 10:00

• I/It and the objectification and abuse

MIN 11:30

"It's never been Penis Envy. It's been Personhood Envy."

 Treated as a “fellow” with agency is an upgrade for out groups, like women and minorities.

  MIN 12:30


MIN 16:30

Unknowingly living in I/It dynamics

MIN 18:00

“Un-personing” people and challenging that habit or issue as we see it 

Martin Buber
(click to learn more about Martin)

I/Thou / Book Info and link 

You are invited to ponder these following questions and respond below, if you'd like.

Reflection Questions:

1. In what instances, recently (or most painfully) have I felt on the receiving (It) side of the I/It dynamic?

2. Can personhood truly be taken away by another?

3. What are the fruits you've seen in I/Thou dynamics?

4. In what ways do I most often engage in I/It (distancing) dynamics?

5. How might I disrupt the common I/It dialogue and culture in my life and  surroundings?


I'm interested in your thoughts on the topic (even if you disagree).

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