Fancy Pancakes - Art Spotlight
Well this take some time to finish and it start like a simple "I just want 2 pancakes over a plate" and finished with 24 props, that kind of thinks happen in life. Thanks Sauron I did not decide to create a restaurant after the table, but it was denetly an awesome progress, development and workflow, also my first time modeling food, that straberries give me so many things to think.

For the reference pinterest was more than perfect this time, I found a lot of pictures about breakfast tables, food, dinnerwares and more, always woking for the shapes, distribution, learning from the shots and lighning.

My workflow was my classic and actual, create low poly mesh, create the high one based on the low one and project the textures with xNormal (Ao and Normal), I did not plan pretty well the order of the objects and the distribution of the textures because big part of the time I add objects during the process, not really recommended but as I tell you my plan was 2 pancakes over a plate, but I think I sold pretty well.

I use joints for some animations like the pancakes on the big tower and the tray in the middle of the table, I attached the joints for this last one to a curve to create a path and scale the joints at the beginning of the animation in that way it appears from the void. (Scroll down image for reference) 

Render with Marmoset Toolbag using 3 directional lights, the skylight and some camera settings including "Filmic (Hejl)" as Tone Mapping. (Scroll down image for reference)

Let me know if you have any question about the art it will be glad for me answer you.

You can also check it on Artstation and it looks just amazing on Sketchfab or download Source Files for Free.

Best Wishes :D

-  Aender Lara

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