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Schools achieve amazing things everyday, especially when educators and students have the right resources and experience. However, with funding at chronically low levels in many education systems around the world, schools are looking for innovative ways to invest more funds into the classroom, beyond simply asking parents to make up the shortfall. 

The idea of patronage for scholars and artisans by philanthropists is nothing new and has its roots in the ancient past. Bring the idea of patronage right up to date with Patreon - a crowdfunding platform with a difference and designed for creative types... like educators and students. 

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On other crowdfunding platforms you pitch an idea, set a goal and have an all (if you are lucky) or nothing (more often) chance of getting funded. Like real patronage, which is build up slowly as trust is develops, the funds are regularly monthly payments which grow and grow. Creators set rewards for different levels of monthly funding. Here are five ideas for using Patreon in schools.

1. Live streaming events - some parents will not be able to attend Christmas plays, school sporting events and recitals. You can stream these live for patrons via Patreon so parents who can’t make it don’t miss out and can watch live via the Patreon app (iOS/Android). Release the archived video for all so no-one misses out.

2. Blogging - Schools are creative factories, producing amazing projects and ideas. Make Patreon your blogging home for your class. Whether you wish to keep all posts open with no obligations to donate, or give early access and/ to patrons, Patreon has all the tools you need to create an engaging, multimedia blog. Share videos, images, audio and downloadable files showcasing what you are doing in class.

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3. Teachers helping teachers - Teachers, you create amazing resources and videos for your classes. Rather than selling these on resources sharing websites which take a huge cut, claim ownership and exclusivity and, sell your creations via third party sites without telling you, take ownership and add your creations to your Patreon page. If you are posting open resources you can even list them on our directory of free resources which will link to it on Patreon for other teachers to discover.

4. Share Expertise - If your teachers want to do something above and beyond their teaching duties and improve things for the community too, they might like to create adult education videos and audio to better equip parents to help their children. Doing special staff training? Record it and share it with other educators via Patreon.

5. Communicate - Schools waste vast amounts of money on communication systems like email and apps to keep in touch with their community. Instead, crowdfund this function with Patreon using the in-built messaging system. Patrons receive email and app notifications of things posted to a Patreon page they follow meaning it is a superb communication tool. You can also send out alerts and messages to individuals.

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