Show Notes- Eps119 Honey and Onions - Alessandra Pigni
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MIN 10:30

Helping ppl be encouraged 

A book of contemplation

MIN 13:00

 Who the book is for. 

MIN 15:30

Organizations with values, a mission and ideals can lose sight of the human element they started with within the organization.

  MIN 19:00

We are all working we are human beings and we have to take that into account. 

A book for people is professions that have Ideals or a social purpose and the burnout that can come with it.

MIN 21:00
Burnout IS losing your spirit

A GAP forms:  A gap between one's ideals and the reality of what happens

A holiday doesn’t fix burnout, only leaving the job will

Cynicism starts, disappointed,  shut down, unhealthy, not helpful to the people they are supposed to be helping. 

MIN 26:00

Coming into service work with the right amount of inner equipment to deal well with burnout and other issues.

 Preparing staff and volunteers for what it takes (internally) to serve well.

Emotional Intelligence

Putting up with people who are poor at people skills, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence when they have other talents may poison the environment.

MIN 30:00

Leadership that models a culture and spirit that is mature as needed.

MIN 33:00

Building culture -

 owning our behavior within our community 

• Appreciation

• Feedback in the right way


doing something that is meaningful

MIN  38:30

Patterns of organizations where people do not suffer from burnout

• Shared Meals

• Showing regular and genuine appreciation and noticing people’s good work across the organization

(places and times where people can meet in casual ways and build bonds and solve problems differently)

MIN 43:00

Learning to be kind again and building healthy relations - not just policies and rules.

  Min 46:00

The problem of Forced kindness

Min 48:00

Days of Honey and Days of Onions

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1. If you've been at an organization that created burnout for you, looking back carefully, what were some of the reasons why burnout happened?

2. What might have been helpful along-the-way to avoid burnout there?

3. What could you do better to help people thrive in your environment/s?

4. Alssendanra said, "A vacation won't fix burnout, leaving the job will." - With this in mind, how does the difference between exhaustion and burnout fit into how you view your work or your calling?

5. What are some ways you are being mindful and caring for your soul that will help keep you thriving and avoiding burning out in your own life?


Thank you for listening today and for considering these questions. I'm always happy to read your comments and hear your ideas, even if you disagree.

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