Induction Heater Price what is your target range?
I want to get a better idea of what a machine like this is really worth to you. I'm doing this in an effort to ensure that the additional work I'm about to put into this project to transform isn't in vain. Because an induction heater price can vary wildly and to go from DIY induction heater to a kit or production unit is a big leap.

I will be completing this project and making it open source regardless of whether or not making a kit is viable. But before I do go down that path, to kit or not to kit, I'd like to know what it's true value is.

To give you something more concrete to evaluate use the two videos below to get a rough idea of the capabilities of the machine as it relates your needs and use these technical specs.

Reactor Forge Induction Heater Specs:

  • Simple interface and usability
  • Operating Voltage: ~220V
  • Maximum Current Draw: ~40A
  • Typical Current Draw: 10-30A
  • Power Factor of near .99% (You won't find that in a cheap overseas model!)
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Water cooled (cooler not included but it can be as simple as a garden hose attachment)
  • Mid-range frequency operation best for small to medium size workpieces. (Lower frequency is possible for larger items above 5-6" cross section at lower power levels.)
  • Remote foot switch operation
  • Simple to complex programmable cycles
  • Many safety features
  • All digital operation (so performance is not affected by the environment)
  • A fully sealed case for protection against debris and dirty shop air.
  • Hackable! Many future improvements possible such as workpiece temperature feedback for reaching very precise temperatures.

Videos of the current Reactor Forge, Critical Mass in use:

So what is your target induction heater price?

Also, check out The ReactorForge Origin Story to learn more about how this project got started.

0$ I'm only interested in building one myself from the open source plans

Under $500




Above $2000

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