Yii development notes #17
Hello everyone!

While my new work at Skyeng is quite intensive, I'm working on Yii and side projects as well in my spare time. It goes well since I'm more focused than ever and getting new ideas for the framework constantly.

This time there are many releases so let's begin.

Yii 2.0


  • At yiipowered users got an ability to comment on projects. Thanks to @prodex.
  • Another pull request by Kirill Arutyunov added an ability to edit your own profile.


It's finally moving forward! PSR-12 got to the draft state and there are more.

Visiting Indonesia

Tomorrow I'll fly to Indonesia, Bandung to participate in DevSummit. Will speak about OpenSource and Yii there. As far as I know, there are going to be Yii-meetups prior to the event.