The situation with ffmpeg and AMF
It's been a while since Mikhail and I started integrating AMF into ffmpeg, but it's finally starting to take proper shape. On 28.09.2017 Mikhail made the first request to include it into ffmpeg and it looks like there's less and less issues to fix.

Overall I think it's going to be included soon, which means that Handbrake can also add support for it rather quickly - especially if they switch over to ffmpeg and drop the far too outdated libav forever.

Changes in ffmpeg+AMF

So today I'm going to provide you all with updated binaries to test out. These contain a few changes to before:

  • The code is now based on ffmpeg 3.4.
  • x264 has been updated to the latest version, which includes AVX-512 support.
  • H264 and HEVC AMF now have experimental d3d11va support, however it requires that the input is NV12.
  • HEVC should now output correct files.
  • PNG should now also be supported, so the tests can actually now work properly.

Until next time

- Xaymar

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