Super OSW 64 Level 13!

Hey brahs & bras, hope you’re having a great weekend! I made time to produce a new videogame music show :D Been a long time coming, I’m so happy to get another edition out! You’re getting it here a couple days in advance – the Watchmen review should be up on the audio feed later today ( and I’ll put this up next week after I make some minor adjustments. If you spot any mistakes, editing blips or loudness variances, will you reply here and let me know? It’d be an awesome help. This version will be like >95% identical to what will be on the feed. (Edit: Finished version now available!)

Download Level 13: CLICK HERE!

Download EVERY Super OSW 64: click here!

All of these downloads are in 320kbps (as opposed to the audio feed's 128-256, our host Hipcast re-compresses it to make it streamable, well that's the excuse anyway. These are directly from the source, hopefully you notice a bump in the fidelity!) Just wondering, do any of you want FLACs? (Edit: Flacs in the download folder above!)

If you have a videogame music request for the next show just reply here with a youtube link (it'd really help me out), your name & home town so if I choose it I’ll give you a shoutout!


p.s. Update on B4G’17 next week!