Show Notes-[SSL87] A Place Setting
"Setting a place at the table of our heart."

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A day of thanks.

Tension in families.

The questions that are asked might be pointed questions, or leading questions, instead of questions that are gracious, open handed and open-ended and meant to offer spaciousness for the other person to find their own way rather than meant for us to try to guide them somewhere.

Why we hear unsolicited advice. 

We don’t ask our guests to sit on our laps and eat from our plate while we cut their meat into bite sized pieces. They can select their food, serve themselves and use their own cutlery just fine. We just provide the chance to eat, feel comfortable and join us at the table.

Boundaries (book link and info) 

"Listening others into being"

-Parker J. Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness: The JourneyToward an Undivided Life

A Hidden Wholeness (book link and info) 

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Reflection Questions:

• Are family gathers hard for you?
In what ways?

• How and in what ways will you be setting a place?

• In what ways will you determine the kind of place setting you need for it to be well with your soul? 

• Is there enough room at your table of your heart?

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