The Allure of Wanton Cove .97 Public

Its a bit early on the grounds that I'll be gone much of the holiday weekend, but I've got a new build of Wanton Cove for everyone!

"You're a washed up ex-detective, living your life one bottle at a  time when your old partner and estranged friend comes knocking.  His son  has gone missing, the police wont pursue the case, and he's run out of  leads, so he comes looking to call in an old favor.

You hear him out, even if you have no intention of helping him out.   But then he offers you the only clue he has to the whereabouts of his  son.  A hand written letter with a return address of Wanton Cove, the  very name of which dregs up memories of the last horrible case you  worked, a case that was never solved."

This build includes new art, new plot driven content related to both Mr Morichi and Vick, as well as other content having been added to the game!

Hope that you all enjoy!

NOTE:  I wont have internet for about the next three days.  If you see a bug, please report it, I'll do my best to get a fix out on Sunday for anything reported.

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