Hey all, there's a new chapter of your favourite story out now!  Go read it here.  http://diaperquest.com/the-diaper-games-chapter-7/

Then once you have (or beforehand if you're weird) you can answer the poll question below to help influence the story.

The poll ends in two weeks on the 7th December.

My next aim is to get DQ v1.1 out by the 30th November.  I think I'm currently on target but will keep you updated on my twitter, which as always you can find at https://twitter.com/AikaMcSlut

Please do comment on the chapter once you've finished reading!  Let me know what you liked and didn't like so I know how to improve as a writer <3

The girls are told that one of them will earn back their adult privileges and one will be kept diapered until they graduate.


The girls are both going to be kept diapered until they graduate, but can earn other adult privileges in the future competitions.


The girls are both kept diapered with pretty much no adult privileges and challenges mainly involve risking exposure to their peers!

Poll ended Dec 7, 2017
109 votes total

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