Greek Phrasebook Koine Pronunciation - Laas D'Aguen
Greek Phrasebook and Vocabulary, using the restored Koine pronunciation that was in use by Greeks (and Romans who spoke Greek) during the Roman period.

This series is focused on vocabulary; a few verb paradigms are given, but apart from that, the grammar is presented inductively.


Laas D'Aguen 1859  The Text  

An edition in Italian, English, French and Greek also exists, by Peridou, "Dialogoi Synetheis".

Laas D'Aguen published a number of works related to Hellenic studies, including a French-Greek dictionary, first published in 1858 (1874, second edition)

This educated nineteenth century form of Greek was closer to Ancient Greek than the Demotic Greek used in Greece since the 1970's. See the wikipedia article on  Καθαρεύουσα 

Why study Early Modern Greek? I agree with Stedman, and a number of other academic textbook writers that studying  Καθαρεύουσα  is a good entry point for Classical Greek - as the textbooks such as this one and Stedman's (which is designed as an introduction to Ancient Greek) deal with more everyday matters, which are easier to assimilate. 

Constantinides in his NeoHellenica (1892) has this to say:

"Modern Greek, like many other European languages, has only in comparatively recent times assumed the form of a single fixed and definite language understood by the whole nation, and in this form it differs so little from ancient Greek that were a foreigner to address a Greek in the language of Lucian, he would be readily understood ; in fact many of my pupils, reading with me a passage from a good modern author, have asked me whether it was ancient or modern Greek, and were not a little astonished when they were told that they might regard it as either. It is not too much to say that any one who has a competent knowledge of ancient Greek can learn to speak the modern language in a month, though of course fluency can only be acquired by constant practice."

Structure - the word or phrase it read once in Greek, once in English, and then repeated twice in Greek.


Lesson 1 

Lesson 2 

Lesson 3 

Lesson 4 

Lesson 5 

Lesson 6 

Lesson 7 

Lesson 8 

Lesson 9 

Lesson 10 

Lesson 11 

Lesson 12 

Lesson 13 

Lesson 14 

Lesson 15 

Lesson 16 

Lesson 17 


Lesson 18  Greetings

Lesson 19 Parting

Lesson 20 Asking and Thanking

Lesson 21 Affirming and Denying

Lesson 22 Expressions of Surprise

Lesson 23 Probability

Lesson 24 Sorrow

Lesson 25 Blame

Lesson 26 Anger

Lesson 27 Joy

Lesson 28 Consulting and Opinions.

Lesson 29 Eating and Drinking

Lesson 30 The News

Lesson 31 Arriving and Departing

Lesson 32 Naming and Questioning

Lesson 33 Age

Lesson 34 Time

Lesson 35 Weather


Lesson 36 Dialogue One - Greetings

Lesson 37 Dialogue Two - Visiting

Lesson 38

Lesson 39

Lesson 40

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