HACK THE CRAFT: Paring Away Description
This tutorial comes courtesy of episode 122 of The Taylor Stevens Show and begins a three-episode series on how to extract a scene's essence and save it from over description. 

The author's intent was to introduce the main character, establish the type of man this character was, and breathe life into a miserable and wretched location. The writing is solid and the word pictures vivid, but there's too much of a good thing. In totality the over description dulls the impact and swallows the story. 

In this first episode we focus on paring away the excess to discover each paragraph's essence. The process eliminates about half the word count and gives us the basis for our second draft. 

By following along you'll learn:

~~ How to spot basic redundancies (head-slap, how-did-I-not-see-that, learn to spot 'em once and you'll never be able to not see them again.) 

~~ How to spot more complex redundancies (makes total sense once it's pointed out, but takes more practice to regularly spot and avoid them.)

~~ How to get words to pull double duty so you can eliminate the rest. 

~~ Why what stays, stays and why what goes gets cut.

~~ What it looks like to be ruthless in "killing the darlings."

In the next episode we'll begin fresh with a second draft rewrite and begin the work of line editing to shape it into a compelling narrative. 

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