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stolen wallet, mystery bag
It has been eight months since I published a Justin Hall Show episode; I felt an itching to make a short personal video and awaken this channel for 2015. Before I could think too much "is this appropriate? Is this worthy?" I just kept making. Unlike the prepared essays and interviews I published on Patreon last year, this "stolen wallet, mystery bag" episode is an exploration of a recent life event. This might be more like the type of personal blogging I have done previously in text, but explored here in video. I have a few essays and interviews I'm developing as well; I look forward to offering you a range of pleasant or provocative video stories as the weeks and months stretch out ahead. It's fun to stretch my fingers on a short video assignment as my work proceeds on a single long documentary video about If you're passionate about seeing an early draft of the documentary, please drop me a line [email protected]. I expect to publish that free on the web before the end of this year. I'm publishing "stolen wallet, mystery bag" on the 21st anniversary of the first external visitors coming to my personal web site To continue experimenting with people's attention, I'm only allowing folks who support me on Patreon to view this video for a while. I'm grateful to you people who contribute to help me tell more stories in public!
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