The Young Protectors - CH 3, Page 99

For those who don’t speak Seventh Circle of Hell, the minion says “Rawr!” Here is the link to the page on the site: We now at $2408/month with 235 Patrons! Our first Milestone Goal has already been triggered (Patrons now get to see the pencil art along with the colored art for each update). And Patrons who chose to receive the Special Digital Rewards (the vast majority) will get to see a special, sneak peek image of Flyboy this Sunday (for Sneak Peek Sundays)! That also means we’re just $592/month away from turning The Young Protectors into a permanent twice-weekly comic and only $92/month away from unlocking the safe-for-work Digital Kickstarter Rewards for PatronsMilestone Goal! We’re so close to getting all the art and web hosting for this comic paid for (which would be a huge step to making things sustainable!) and that’s because YOU ALL ARE AMAZING! THANK YOU! So! Looks like our heroes are kicking ass and taking names, and everyone’s getting their chance to lay the smack down. Do our poor, ancient super-villains stand any chance against the vigor of these upstarts? Tune in next Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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