Update #171203
Hello dear patrons! 

It's been rough couple of weeks if not months. Project after project, funding application after funding application, writing promotional materials, releasing local artists through Kamizdat, organizing events, writing music for stage, etc. It's been exhausting. Sometimes just too overwhelming, and subsequently depressing. 

But, there has been number of successes. A lot has been done. So it's not all dark and gloomy. A lot material has been written on which I can soon work further and output to the world, to you, as finished musical and visual pieces. Today I'm leaving for a day for Zagreb to be part of Matija Ferlin's new show "Staging a Play: Tartuffe" for which I created some music. The show is on tomorrow and the day after. Highlight: it's all pure sound of an (church) organ! 

Expect more updates soon!