157 | Rhina for Brennan | Keepsake [AUDIO]

Name: Rhina for Brennan | Keepsake

Occasion: Appreciation

Favorite Phrase:  "Got my cheeks clapped"

PetPeeve:  The smell of chemicals

Rhina LOVES to travel and see new places with Brennan

I appreciate the way you do you you you you
even if your cheeks get klapped

And I just want to thank you for being you as usual
even if your cheeks get klapped

Yo Brennan is
such a fine gentleman
and it's Great when
he listens
Or is articulating his sentiments
it's refreshing lyke recently washed linen
Kause the fact that's he's a sweetheart
And his efforts are so genuine
An intellectual
Not shy of analytical
Just as long as it's not of smells from a chemical
Sharing new places
Traversing landscapes
Is something worth Cherishing
When Brennan is your Ace

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