Developer's report - November 2017
This is what I did on my sites throughout November:

Adding automated tests to The site has gotten really complex since I started it. Having automated tests checking that everything works is really important. And I'm really late adding them now :( It's always a struggle when I have to choose between adding new functionality and making precautions about the stability of the site. So November and December is going to be about writing autotests. Sorry, if you were expecting hot, new stuff. I have to do this. I'm using the JS test framework Nightwatch and you can check out the tests here.

Filtering out deleted videos. I added an automated filter to weed out deleted videos that were referenced. It seems there were about 35 Twitch videos from various streamers that got removed.

ID win rates on These statistics use a brand new kind of data. When you upload tournament results to AlwaysBeRunning via the NRTM app, I gain access to all the match information: who played who, with which IDs and who won. From this, I can easily make statistics how much an ID is winning.

This is great because now I can separate the performance of a player's two decks (corp an runner). In my other statistics I have to rely on the player's overall rank at the end of the tournament which is influenced by both decks.

You can find me and the admins on the #abr channel of Stimhack Slack. Feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions there!

Also: Try  - It's a browser-based Netrunner tournament management app developed by johno. Once the tournament is finished, you can upload the results to easily.

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