Tell Me Again (New Song!)
Last Friday I did my weekly #AskEmilyAnn and Midday Music livestream on Facebook. Normally, I won't be dropping these videos into Patreon, but I played my latest new song right at the beginning (2:24) called "Tell Me Again" and wanted y'all to hear it!

I wrote this song for the Bushwick Book Club's most recent concert featuring songs inspired by Lindy West's book Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman. (Pictured above, you'll see her sitting right in front of the stage! No pressure!) Lindy West is most definitely one of my modern heroines. She writes these killer articles for the New York Times and always has such important, powerful things to say.

Here's her latest interview on NPR's Fresh Air.

Here is her column in the NYT's.

The song I wrote is an amalgamation of her story and my own. She and I are both plus size ladies in a world that constantly and without hesitation screams that we do not belong in it. But we do. We all belong here. We all deserve the same treatment, the same respect, and the same rights as our fellow humans. This song is just part of that message.

Tell Me Again

by Emily Ann Peterson

Where are the girls mounted above me 

who failed to give up every stone?

Who prove there's a way love can resolve 

all the back doors, hushed notes and bones

I hear you list every way I don't seem to fit, 

outline my should be thin and now thick...

tell me again, tell me again

how I cannot belong, tell me again

perfectly marred, who would unwrap me

wounded walls and all my sacred masking?

can I be loved? would you even want me to?

is there hope for my heart? maybe I convince you to

lean on my strength, head strong on my thigh

press into my flaws, drink me and sigh, then you

tell me again, tell me again

there's no hope for my heart

tell me again

are there boxes my size? curved and wide?

would the corners give way for my love? 

I ask while you sleep in my neck, breath in my ear

full weight on my chest, wake from your hollow deep 

tell me again, tell me again

all this time you were wrong

tell me again 

tell me again, tell me again

all this time you were wrong

all this time you were wrong

all this time you were wrong

tell me again...