The magical secrets of goats
Today's drawing is that of a goat. As you may have read by now, goats are the only animals capable of taking deepnames - or it might all be a joke. We'll find out more about these matters later in the story! The goat depicted here appears to have two deepnames of 5 syllables each. It's common knowledge in Magical Geometry* that configurations of two deepnames of equal lengths (like 2,2 or 3,3) are unstable - you cannot hold them for very long; unless, of course, you are an assassin. Assassins are known to favor such configurations as 1,1 (called 'Daggers'), 2,2 ('Dirks'), and 3,3 ('Swords'). This goat has a 5,5, which makes it suitable for this line of work - a prospect which some goats, no doubt, would find attractive. (In our world, mountain goats engage in 3-4 altercations an hour!) The 5,5 configuration is therefore dubbed 'Horns'. Please don't forget, however, that Birdverse is a very serious place and Magical Geometry is a very serious discipline, indeed. Have a great week, Rose ------ *common knowledge in Magical Geometry: in the North.