Yep, that's my Patreon Public Portfolio, started September 2, just a week before launching Patreon. I purchased a bit of Bitcoin for $4,658.15 and here it is, today, at $13,480 for a 190% gain in a smidgen over three months. My wildest predictions would have been far too tame.

Today; not tomorrow, today, we're going to create two portfolios. We're going to create a $500 sample portfolio with $300 in Bitcoin (BTC), $100 in Ethereum (ETH), and $50 each in Augur (REP) and Civic (CVC).

Someone doing this would have read the first post in this series a week ago, Wednesday, November 29, and would have purchased $400 of BTC and $100 of ETH. The next day, November 30, s/he would have shipped $100 worth of BTC over to a crypto exchange in order to buy Rep and CVC 50/50. Then, by last Monday, all those holdings would be in two wallets.

If you didn't, read on, because when you see the punch line, you're going to wish you had just taken that plunge a week ago, as so many others did. I've accounted for at least 40 new entrants into crypto resulting from these posts. I'm sure there are more that haven't reached out to tell me.

In the large scope of things, fear not, you can still do all of the steps before bed tonight.


If I use noon PST on Monday for the BTC and ETH buys, then noon PST on Tuesday for the REP and CVC buys, it works like this:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) 11/29 12:00: $400 = 0.0385 BTC @ $10,400
  • Ethereum (ETH) 11/29 12:00: $100 = 0.2252 ETH @ $444
  • Bitcoin (BTC) 11/30 12:00: $100 = 0.0106 BTC @ $9,446 (to purchase REP and CVC)
  • Augur (REP) 11/30 12:00: 0.0053 BTC = 2.0385 REP @ 0.0026 BTC
  • Civic (CVC) 11/30 12:00: 0.0053 BTC = 176.6666 CVC @ 0.00003 BTC

Alright, that's all the info we need. Let's build a couple of portfolios.


I don't know how many there are. I use two. CryptoCompare for desktop (also displays well in smartphone) and Blockfolio for iOS.


There's tons of info at CP. Setting up your portfolio is just one thing you can use it for. But, it's free. There's some paid stuff out there where you can set up an API to do everything on auto, but that's for folks with complex portfolios and lots of trade action.

So let's get going. Here's the raw link, and here's the public link to this Fantasy Portfolio I've created and named "Bitcoin FOMO TL;DR". Let's build.

Begin with your total BTC holdings, which will be your buy, minus what you sent to buy REP and CVC (0.0385 - 0.0106 = 0.0279 BTC). We disregard the price of BTC on Nov 30 since all we needed to know is how much BTC was $100 at that time. Click on + Coin and do this, except using your own numbers.

To use the CP risk assessment feature, you can click on the ADVANCED tab and specify whether you're holding it in an exchange (and you pick one) or a wallet, and we sent it to Jaxx.

Add it to the portfolio and BANG! You've made $80 on your $300 in a week.

Let's do small clips for the other entries. Do note that the currency unit changes from USD to BTC for the crypto-only exchange buys. Since you can change the currency your whole portfolio displays as (even in GOLD), there is no point in converting anything for entry purposes. Save the work and enter it as you bought it.

Another thing to note is that it's easy to gather this info from your trade history and if careful, you can be a tiny bit more precise by using the actual trade numbers adjusted for any fees.

And so, voilà!

At those proportions of investments, you've made 20%. If your stake was $500, then you've made $100 in a week and even less.

...Remind me what this Patreon gig costs you, again, over four weeks? ;)

I'll leave this up. Here's the Public Link, again, in case you want to check in on it from time to time. I'm saying it's worth more than $2,500 this time next year.


This is as yet a very thin smartphone app. Here's how to snag it. It's what I use for a very quick view, and it's geared to 24-hr change. CP displays nicely on the iPhone, though.

So, if you don't want to bother, up to you.

If you do use it, it's always best to do your CP entries first, and then you can duplicate them to Blockfolio.

Let's add the Bitcoin. First, you have to search and grab the trading pair.

Once you've selected BTC/USD, you input the data.

And it's as simple as that. Repeat the process for your Ether, Augur, and Civic.

...Within a day or two, the next in the series will be the TL;DR on GDAX, so you can trade and transfer for zero fees.


See The Cryptocurrency Resource Library — A Complete Up-To-Date Index of All The Most Important Stuff.

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