Our Financial Situation Changed
Hey guys! If you've been on twitter today or are yourself a creator on Patreon, you may have noticed that Patreon is changing the way they are handling processing fees. In the past, creators took the full brunt of the processing fees, resulting in us getting around 80-90% of what our patrons pledge to us.

Patreon announced to its creators today that this was going to change, in the form of putting some of the onus of processing fees on patrons (to be exact: 2.9% and 35 cents PER PLEDGE) and giving creators a 95% cut of the pie instead.

The way it looks now is: patron pledges $1.00, pays $1.00, I get between 80 and 90 cents.

Starting on December 18th, it'll go a little bit like this: patron pledges $1.00, pays $1.38, I get 95 cents.

This isn't a situation that I'm happy with at all--I really don't want you guys being charged extra for the same content. I was happy taking the processing fee myself, as this is a service I'm using. Patreon will tell you creators didn't like not knowing exactly how much they were getting each month, but for me, that's the nature of the platform anyway. Also, my Canadian ass doesn't know the daily conversion rate of my dollar, I've got no idea what I'm getting monthly, but I do know it helps me.

This especially hurts folks who, like I do, pledge to many different patreon campaigns at low tiers. And it hurts folks who are on a budget. Maybe you have $5 in your monthly budget to toss at patreon, so you're on 5 campaigns. Now you can swing 3. The way I see it, both patrons and creators are losing here.

I just wanted to give you guys a heads up, you should be getting an email tomorrow about the changes from Patreon, but I know how it is. And I want you to take care of you first. If you've gotta drop for the time being, or for good, please don't feel bad about it. There's no ill will here, just frustration at a platform that seems to make huge and sweeping decisions without considering their userbase.

I wanna thank you for being so generous as to give anything at all, patreon does me a lot of good and I genuinely appreciate every one of you.

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