Change to Patreon's fees
Hey everyone, by now you may have gotten a message from Patreon about a change they intend to make to their fee processing system. They sent this email to creators yesterday:

They're pitching this as an improvement for us and you, but it's really not. What they're doing is making you pay the fees we creators used to happily cover (because you're giving us money, why would we want to charge you more?)  What's worse, they're increasing those fees, selling it as doing us a favour, and massively misrepresenting what's going on.  

The important bit is that 2.9% + $0.35 fee per pledge. What this effectively means is that if you give me a dollar, Patreon will charge you approximately $1.37. If you give another creator a dollar, they'll charge you $1.37 for that too, even though the "fees" they have to pay on your pledges are charged as one lump sum by the credit processing companies. In short, they stand to make a lot of money from this scheme, which I'm sure will make their investors happy.

Here's a message I sent them earlier today:

As you can see, I'm bold enough to use a word like "misrepresentative" even if spell-check thinks it's an illegal word.  I play by my own rules.  

Patreon has tried to sell this as "making sure creators get paid better" but in reality it's a cash grab on their part, and I'm real mad about it, and every other Patreon creator I know is mad about it too.  We're doing what we can in the hopes that they'll roll back this awful plan, but so far we've gotten nothing but empty assurances that "this will be fine because we did a survey" and "you might lose patrons but it will be fine because ?????"  

That sucks, and I don't want you paying more than you expected or signed up for.  Your support has been amazing and I never want to take that for granted.  You, individually and collectively, are what keeps Dinosaur Comics going.  It's so great.  I can't thank you enough.

And given all that, it's ridiculous that Patreon would do anything to take advantage of your generosity. If you have to reduce or cancel your pledges because of these new fees, I completely understand. It's literally not what you signed up for.  I hope you won't, but you have to take care of yourself first, and I can't help but think people donating a dollar a month to me aren't super down with that going up by 38%. If you’d rather give a one-time donation to me directly, my PayPal address is 

Thanks again for your support, and hopefully the higher-ups at Patreon will realize what a terrible idea this is. The good news is, they haven't actually implemented this change yet.  Right now it's not rolling over for existing pledges until January. If you'd like to drop them a line before they turn it on, I'm sure they'll appreciate your thoughts on this.  Patreon doesn't have public-facing email, but there is this form.  Just be sure you check off that you're here to "get help", because I chose "send feedback", and got back an email saying "thanks, but we won't be responding to feedback".