A post about the upcoming Patreon fee changes
Chances are you've seen the fiasco that exploded when Patreon announced they were changing how they calculate fees. If not, the short version is they say they're giving creators a bigger share of pledges. A somewhat more neutral version is they're fixing an unrelated problem in a way that will make fees shoot up and they're passing those fees on to patrons. The fees disproportionately affect people making $1 pledges, i.e. the kind of pledges I just spent a couple of months encouraging people to make.

Personally, I am less than pleased about this.

In any case, here's some relevant info that we already posted to Twitter.

- With people leaving Patreon in numbers, we've slipped below the double comics threshold. December is already paid for, so 2x comics will continue. We'll also do double comics through January, regardless of what the Patreon total is. We'll take a look at the overall situation when the dust settles.

- It's clear from messages I've been getting that people want an alternative to Patreon to support us, whether it's Paypal or another Patreon-alike or a PO box to mail checks to. I will get as many of those up in the near future as I can. Anything contributed through these new methods will, of course, count towards the double comics goal. However, for the time being, Patreon is what we have to work with.

On a side note, every creator I'm aware of is somewhere between "highly bothered" and "apocalyptically angry" at these changes, and I would be surprised if Patreon actually carries through with them. I suppose we'll see on the 18th!

As always, thank you very much for supporting us.