The Young Protectors - Ch 3, Page 100

It’s just like that snake-in-a-can gag — except, y’know, with hell snakes… You will be able to find the page on the site here: (This is a work-in progress page -- we're still working on the color of those snakes but Vero's power went out -- so the final should be up tomorrow!) We are now at $2631/month with 270 Patrons over at the Patreon Page! That meant that our SECOND Milestone Goal was triggered — Patrons who chose to receive the Special Digital Rewards will start getting the safe-for-work Digital Kickstarter rewards, beginning tomorrow! These will include special wallpapers for their desktops and mobile phones, featuring gorgeous pin-up art of The Young Protectors’ characters, a PDF copy of the Volume One book, and more! And that’s in addition to receiving the special Sneak Peek Sunday updates —they’ve already gotten to see Fluke and Flyboy shirtless, this Sunday, it’ll be Spooky’s turn and he’ll just be in his boxers! Because our first Milestone Goal has already been triggered, Patrons also get to see the pencil art along with the colored art for each update! And people who become Patrons now and choose to receive the Special Digital Rewards will get to see all the art that’s been posted so far — so if you’re a Fluke or Flyboy fan, you won’t miss out! It also means we’re only $369/month away from turning The Young Protectors into a permanent twice-weekly comic! We’re so close to getting all the art and web hosting for this comic paid for (which would be a huge step to making things sustainable!) — and for making sure our two pages of comics per week don’t get interrupted — and that’s because YOU ALL ARE AMAZING! THANK YOU! (And we’re coming up to other Milestone Goals, including Patrons receiving the NSFW Kickstarter Rewards with full nudity, something I’ll never show on this site.) I want to send out my warmest thank yous out to all the new Patrons who have joined in the last few days. As you can see in the comments on the main site, a bunch more folks have had a blue, silver, or gold YP badge added to their Disqus avatars, which means they are a Patron. You all ROCK! So! A minion tries to get the jump on Spooky, but with the help of Flyboy’s eye-in-the-sky and Commander’s psychic connection, Spooky instead shows him that tentacles aren’t the only phallic symbols a wizard can weaponize. Gosh, I wonder what other tricks does Spooky have up his sleeves? Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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