"Wyrd Forest" demo done:)
"Wyrd Forest", our November game sponsored by Patreon, is officially done:) Thank you all!

If you just want to play, get the binary (already compiled) release from GitHub . The controls are clearly explained on the screen.


  • terrain demo (walking, editing noise and shader parameters)
  • shooting objects (and getting different number of points depending where you hit),
  • destroying objects on hit, and with physics,
  • spawning trees.

The full source code and data are on GitHub . It compiles with the latest Castle Game Engine code on GitHub .  The README file on GitHub has more information. You're welcome to compile and run it yourself, and to play around with the code! All the comments and questions are welcome, as always.

I hope you enjoy it:)

Short postmortem:

  • The game is not really playable (there's no goal, and no danger to the player either). It's just a technological demo.
  • I focused a lot on making the code elegant. I did some things by implementing missing features (or fixing bugs, as with Billboard orientation) inside the Castle Game Engine, instead of hacking some workaround quickly in the game code. In effect, development of this simple demo took longer than it could, but in exchange the code is really clean and the engine is better too, so I'm happy with this.
  • I'm glad how I did the visual split of the object when shot (it's using a shader effect to clip the object 3 times, so no need to ever calculate boolean intersection between meshes on CPU). Throwing the pieces with physics looks very cool too (although for some reason convex hull collider was not working for me, instead I approximated it with 3 flat boxes).
  • I wanted to play around with some extra effects, but did not have the time anymore. These TODOs are recorded. 
  • Overall, I'm very happy with the effect. It's a good technological demo, showing something cool and pretty done using Castle Game Engine -- that's what I wanted.
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