Update on my plans re: Patreon's new fees
 Hello everyone.

I said I would keep you updated regarding Patreon's new fees, which are scheduled to start kicking in about a week from now*. Unfortunately, most of what I've heard from Patreon has been a kind of awkward silence.  

 According to what bits of second-hand information I've been able to glean via Twitter, it seems that while they are perhaps regretting the way this was presented to us, they do still most likely intend to roll out the fees as planned on the 18th. This means that each of your individual pledges are going to get more expensive from then on. I'm sorry about this, and wish it wasn't happening, as I think you are already extremely generous with your pledges. I'm immensely grateful that you choose to support me, and would happily take on these new fees myself.   

 Unfortunately, this does not seem to be in the cards, and unfortunately, Patreon does not seem much interested in listening to smaller creators, or supporters pledging smaller amounts, on the matter. Many creators have closed down their Patreon campaigns and set up elsewhere – ko-fi, Gumroad, and so on. However, except for the few who have access to the closed beta of Kickstarter's Drip, there isn't really a good equivalent to Patreon available right at this moment. I have no doubt alternatives are on their way – especially in the light of this fiasco – but until there is another publically available service of this type, that also handles VATMOSS** on my behalf, I am going to keep my Patreon campaign operating as it has been.   

 If a solid alternative to Patreon becomes available, I will investigate it and possibly jump ship if it's good enough, but until then, it's going to be business (mostly) as usual here. If anything changes, I will be sure to make you know well in advance)

 Several creators have seen a massive exodus of patrons in the past few days, but you have stuck around, and some of you have even upped your pledges – a fact that makes me so overwhelmed with gratitude that I might have cried a bit. To thank you all for this amazing generosity, I'm going to open this month's character-creation poll to everyone, because it is the least I can do as a thank you.   

 Whether these new fees make you drop your pledges or whether you stick around, please know that I am forever grateful for the support you have given me, and that I wish this wasn't happening.   

 (the regular Monday page of Grassblades will be going up in a few hours. There will be a page on the 18th – after that, I'm taking a small break for the holidays. Post-holiday update-days TBA)
 *) to my understanding, that means that people who sign up for a pledge on the 18th or after will be charged according to the new 2.9%+35 cents system, and the pre-existing patrons will find those fees added to their pledges around the 1st of January, when you are next due to be charged.  

 **) a set of EU regulations regarding the handling of VAT-charges between EU countries, which would require far more time, effort and money from me as an individual to handle than I am capable of. It's these VATMOSS laws that are adding the VAT-charge to each of your pledges to me already.