Yii development notes #18

It is time for another issue of development notes. For almost a month I was silent. First, there was a week in Indonesia speaking at the conference, enjoying the country, people, food, coffee and the culture then hard work on my fulltime tasks. Of course, I've found time for Yii as well as the rest of the team and our excellent contributors.

Yii 2.0

After 2.0.13 release we've started merging incoming pull requests again. Changelog already got 25 lines and is growing. I hope this time we'll release faster with lower number of changes.

Extensions were released:

Queue extension adopted AMQP Interop library as a driver. The process was long but we've managed to make it and I think it totally worth it. The library is of a high quality, it has more drivers than we've previously supported and, I hope, it will off-load Roman Zhuravlev who created and maintains queue extension at least a little bit.

YiiFeed got Twitter

YiiFeed, where anyone from Yii community could propose news, got a twitter account.

Yii 2.1

Or... should we call it 3.0?

  • Recent master was merged in.
  • Hot discussions are held internally and publicly about direction 2.1 should go to. I hope I'll find time to write proper roadmap and goals soon.
  • While I was in the plane to Indonesia and back I've put together a DI container that may be the thing Yii 2.1 (or 3.0) will be built on. Container is publically available, PSR-compatible and isn't tied specifically to Yii. Try it: https://github.com/yiisoft/di
  • I've started looking at Trello feature requests board and, to be honest, I'm quite puzzled. Need more time to think about it.

Thoughts about Yii niche

I've tried Symfony 3 for quite complicated project and, while it has its advantages and is definitely a good framework, I missed Yii simplicity and straightforwardness much:

  • Simple things should not be that complicated.
  • PHP should not compile other PHP into PHP. Making Java out of PHP doesn't make sense. It's way better to switch to Java if you like that way.
  • There shouldn't be need to constantly clear cache while developing. It is time very consuming to have half-an-hour debug session with wrong values stuck bad in cache.
  • Error messages should immediately give you hints about solving the problem. Digging layer after layer is, again, time consuming.