Sunday Streams + News!
Heya all!

Just wanted to check in and drop off the Streams that I did on Sunday. If you didn't tune-in live then you missed more of Rold's new initial conversation remasters which are coming along nicely, and you missed one of the new transformation items FTM, Testostrocillin which is now half-way complete! Once it is complete we'll have another major transformation item in the game. Hurrah! Oh, and before I forget Hallow's Shroud will be officially turned off on the 14th ((so by the next PTB (Patron Test Beta)). I was thinking of delaying the update since I lost a week doing Portfolio stuff for my BA, but I think there is enough to at least wet your appetites a little bit. I should be adding the first official sex scene to the game here pretty soon as well which obviously has to do with Rold. It will be optional and will depend on dominant Mood. Hopefully, some of that will make it into the Beta.

Other than that, I've been sweeping up some bugs that have been reported and reworked one or two things that needed adjustment. I've also been in contact with the Save/Load Library owner and I'm just waiting patiently to hear back from him now. He's completely aware of all the errors with the library that everyone reported up to now. 

I'm also gearing down for the holidays and doing my best to take care of the family and all of you ^_^ which is more of a privilege than a responsibility if we're being honest here, haha! And as always if any of you need anything at all and I can help, please allow me to do so. If you have questions or concerns about anything going on with the game right now as well, please hop onto the Public Discord Channel and talk with me directly. Or you can email me, message me here etc. ^_^ 

That's all I got for now, I hope all of you are being safe and spending time with your families! Good luck to those doing finals as well! We believe in you!