Show Notes - Esp 121: The Brain / Consciousness- Guest, Eben Alexander, MD
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MIN 1:00

Summary and info about

Dr Alexander and his coma experience

Proof of Heaven -  link and info 

a deep spiritual journey during coma

MIN 6:30

The mind body question and debate

Cosmology and physics  

Living in a Mindful Universe -  link and info 

 Brain and Mind defined

brain has 100 Billion neurons 

MIN 10:00

“The Brain does not create consciousness”

Explanatory gap - “the hard problem of consciousness. “

• David Chalmers mid 1990s

- his famous TED TALK  

Beyond the psychical world.

Concept of free will and memory.

The measurement paradox - (quantum physics)

MIN 13:00

One can never separate the mind of the observer from what is being observed  

Fundamental assumptions are flat out wrong


“One mind, one consciousness that we share”

“We are all, essentially, living the dream of that one mind.”

Connect with the observer within.

 MIN 17:00

States of consciousness and dreams

lucid dreams

Lisa's ebook on lucid dreaming published in 2012.

 The concept of “Memory is not housed in the brain” - explained

Thought experiment - your subjective observation of the universe 

Mental universe substrates are more fundamental 

Physical parts of the world is a construct within mind

MIN 20:00

Eben's shift in his understanding of Prayer

Mind has influence over matter to manifest the universe 

“Thine Will be Done”

“All is well”

Prayer is a way to connect to the Divine and a statement of gratitude 

Recovering a sense of belonging through hardships.

Physical healing from spiritual wholeness.

MIN 25:00

Anita Moorjani’s healing

Dying to Be Me - book info and link 

Placebo effect - the power of mind over matter (beliefs) - 30% of healing

(inexplicable from modern theories and ideas of modern materials  western medicine)

[ RELATED EPISODE [EPS 88]- Erik Vance author of "Suggestable You: The Curious Science of Your Brain's Ability to Deceive, Transform, And Heal" ]

NDE Community (Near Death Experience)

Dying to Be Me


Mary C Neal, MD

To Heaven and Back - book link and info 

Spiritual Health - a connectedness, purpose and meaning in our lives, and connected to the source of consciousness


MIN 30:00

Young children who remember past lives and then forget.

2,500 cases University of Virginia the studies of 

Ian Stevenson- link to more info (1960s - 1990s studies)

His position was not a religious one, but represented what Robert Almeder, professor emeritus of philosophy at Georgia State University, calls the minimalistic reincarnation hypothesis. Almeder states the hypothesis this way:

There is something essential to some human personalities ... which we cannot plausibly construe solely in terms of either brain states, or properties of brain states ... and, further, after biological death this non-reducible essential trait sometimes persists for some time, in some way, in some place, and for some reason or other, existing independently of the person's former brain and body. Moreover, after some time, some of these irreducible essential traits of human personality, for some reason or other, and by some mechanism or other, come to reside in other human bodies either some time during the gestation period, at birth, or shortly after birth.[18]

Jim Tucker Life Before Life book link and info 

“programed forgetting”

The veil is there to enhance our learning here. 

  MIN 34:00

Hypnogogic state through acoustics  -Sound to incite a state between waking and dreams.

Karen Newell - Sacred Acoustics  


binaural beats 

mid 1880s 

Heinrich Wilhelm Dove was a Prussian physicist and meteorologist.

 Karen Newell- setting an intention before a sound journey 

Christopher Bache 

Dark Night Early Dawn - link and info 

MIN 40:00

Ancient sounds, conscious awareness and brain states.

 MIN 44:30

 The Brain Filter Theory 

The brain is like a transceiver receiver 

 Companion Course 

Free Resource

33 Day Journey to the Heart of Consciousness  

 MIN 48:00

Consciousness in not the thoughts in my head.
It is "The observer"

ego - uses tools of fear and anxiety -this is a fiction to help us get through life.

MIN 50:00

Fellow neurosurgeons colleagues joining in with Eben’s ideas.

 NDE studies 

For more on non local consciousness 

All is well unlimited youtube channel.

 Eben's WEBSITE 

Reflection Questions:

1. What are your thoughts as you reflect on the difference between mind and brain?

2. The idea of our consciousness existing outside of us as part of One Consciousness may be an intriguing, new, or even distasteful idea to you. What are some of your initial thoughts?

3. Eben shifted in his ideas of prayer because of his Near Death Experience and spiritual journey. Have your ideas of prayer shifted over time? and how?

4. Have you or someone you know ever experienced any kind of miraculous healing that seemed to happen because it was spiritual in nature? (details)

5. If it could be true that you choose to come back to earth to learn new lessons as a human, what might some of those lessons be?


Thank you for listening. This episode may have been a strange one if you've never heard anything like this before. I hope that if nothing else, Eben's story gives us all a chance to pause and think about the miracle of life we are experiencing right now and the courage to live every moment to the fullest.


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