Catastrophic Shutdown
Sometime within the last week, the server that FuzzSpot has been living on shutdown unexpectedly. I have files in place to ensure that the application gets up and running right away, but in this case they faild to complete due to a MongoDB problem. 

While I work toward resolving this issue to make a fresh backup of the user accounts, all traffic will now be directed to this blogpost.

# What's going to happen now?
- FuzzSpot Redux The ~~Final~~ Fuzzy frontier is still in active development! Err, the main engine is at least. 

I'm still aiming for an End of December launch, which is now only two weeks away. Although I might push it a week to make the engine a little more smooth.

# What's in the box at launch?

* Posting links + uploading

* User profiles 

* the usual suspects

# What are you really excited about?

I don't want to say much, but I think I may have found a solution to allow verified posters AKA artists to make money off their posts, without running ads. That's all I'm going to say for now, because their is still a lot of work to do yet. But expect an update in the coming months.

# How can I help?

Tell me what features you want to see.

Tell me why or why not you'd use this site.

Tell me how I can improve, not only in the site but also in raising awareness.

Tell me if you're excited.

Until the next update,