Neo-Khuzdul Initiate Course! SIGN UP!
New lessons? YES!

But am I ready with all the new content? No.

Is the updated dictionary published yet? No.

But you know what.... that's OK!

Because I want to test out some of the new content and see if I still need to make further changes to better fit the student learning needs.

So, I'm starting a new group lesson course, not only with the aim to test some of the new content but also to give folks a chance again to learn Neo-Khuzdul in a tailor-made private group environment.

WHEN:  Early January to End of March 2018 - in 10 Weekly sessions.

WHAT DAY/TIME:  Depends on the people that sign up, I'll be as flexible as I can be, to try to cater for as many people as I can (can be both US and EU friendly times, can be weekdays or weekends). Once I have a clear picture of what works best I will inform anyone who signed up at which point you can confirm or annul your initial sign up.

FOR WHOM: Anyone that is SERIOUSLY interested in actually learning Dwarvish (TDS Neo-Khuzdul), EVEN those that just got started. Note: Maximum 8 Students, so don't wait to sign up.

HOW IT WORKS:  Once you've confirmed your final sign up, you will be sent the program schedule and will receive the material one week ahead of time. Some of it will contain reading assignments as well as short exercises, links to audio fragments, small test, etc... . The bulk of the lessons are done via voice (via Discord) in 90 minute group sessions with me. The final session has a course test which will grant you a "Neo-Khuzdul Initiate Degree" when passed.

REQUIREMENTS: Free for ALL. All you need is a browser with internet access, a free discord account (works via browser) and a headset with a microphone. Each weekly session should demand no more than 60 minutes per week of class assignments. All other material will be provided.  If you can't free 2½ hours a week (assignments + lessons) during this period, or aren't really serious about learning this language, please refrain from signing up.

HOW TO SIGN UP:  Patrons that sign up get a guaranteed spot. Interested in joining? Send a confirmation mail to [email protected] with the subject "Test lesson sign up". IMPORTANT: In your mail please state your timezone and which days of the week/ time of day  (provide at least three options please) would work best for you to attend 90 minutes lessons. Also confirm if you are a Patron. Initial sign-up closes Wednesday December 27th 2017. Final course schedule will be provided Friday December 29th 2017 - at which point you can confirm or annul your initial sign up.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Ever at your service,

The Dwarrow Scholar