Update on the Fees Situation
We were very relieved to see that Patreon will not be rolling out the previously-announced fee change. 

Patreon has overall been a very helpful platform for us, and we would like to be able to continue using it. But our first and foremost priority in choosing a crowdfunding platform is our relationship with you, our fans and supporters. And Patreon's proposed changes would have deprioritized that relationship to an unacceptable level.

We feel this announcement is a very positive step for Patreon towards regaining the trust of their users. We'll continue to monitor the situation, as changes of some sort are undoubtedly on the horizon. We'll also be looking into alternate crowdfunding solutions, so that any users who no longer trust Patreon still have ways to support us and be materially rewarded for their support. But for the time being we plan to remain on Patreon. 

Lastly, thank you so so much to everyone who increased their pledge to help make up the difference for patrons who needed to cancel or decrease theirs. We totally understand if you'd like to lower them back down now. We weren't hit too hard yet by the announcement - a lot of others had it much worse.

Thank you as always for your support.