Chloe18 had some content that patreon deemed not appropriate under their new Guidelines. So I decided to end its campaign on Patreon until the game follows their new Guidelines. 

While Chloe18 will not be supported by Patreon, it will be Hosted on my personal website - I will NOT post the address for the website or anything related to that site here.  

ATTENTION: There is no content on my forums about Chloe18, the forum is not my website. 

By being a patron you will help me maintain my forum, you will not support Chloe18 in anyway.

Q: But I want to play  Chloe18 or any of your games, so what?

A: You can find info about all my games and progress on my - FORUM - 

If you want any of my games Read that post.

Please note that the forum is not connect to my website, and do not host any adult content linked to Chloe18.

Q: If Patreon wont be hosting/supporting Chloe18 anymore why should I still be a patron?

A: Being my Patron will grant you access to my  - FORUM -  , there you will be able to follow the progress updates on making Chloe18 Back to Patreon, and get access to all my games latest updates.
Please note that being a patrons will not make you a supporter of Chloe18. read the  - FORUM -    for more Information.  

Q: The forum is asking for an password

A:  -Patrons Forum password HERE- 

  • final considerations:
    I will not link any website or content related to Chloe18 here on Patreon.
  • I will not send links for patrons using PMs, even if I'm asked.
  • If you still want to talk about it, please e-mail me [email protected]
  • I very sorry for those changes, But ti's the only for a while, I hope to soon make chloe18 fitting to the new guidelines and bring the game back here, so you guys can support it again.

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