Happy Holiday Season to you!
Finally, after finishing Con-season for this year, I'm signing off with a last piece for 2017... A tribute to an interesting Artist Thomas Blackshear and your favorite Robot from the previous Star Wars Movie K2S0 ;)

This year, a lot of things have happened. On a personal note, health was an issue on the bad side and we got a Caravan and lots of holiday options on the good side.

In between there were some business related changes, and at least my patrons have come to know most of them. I decided to go independent in October 2017. That was the result of comparing my income from the past years as a freelancer compared to this year, which is 5 times of what I made in my first year of freelancing and I only did 1/5 freelancing this year...

On the Patreon front this change of priorities made clear that I'm totally not part of the 20% who make 80% of what Patreon makes in a given month. And that is OK, I just can't put the same effort into this campaign as if the above was the case when it is clearly not.

Well, since I can make a living from my work and become independent, this patreon has still an important role in my work.
My policy is still valid that:

  • Patrons see all new works first.
  • I will post behind the scenes images
  • You get still discount codes for my Storenvy shop
  • If I ever get around to create my own IP/Graphic Novel, you are the first to now

I think the list with benefits could go on, but to be honest, I won't promise more stuff that I can not keep.
What I found is that Vis-a-vis is more important to me than to create art in a vacuum. there are popular artists out there who can. But that is not for me.

Also, I'd like to have a physical art product and on conventions I can show that exactly as I'd like that to be. Online this is a difficult thing and I guess many who have seen my work offline can agree.

For next year, I also have a new premium upgrade to my top-of-the-line canvas products and I can't wait to show it to you.

OK, enough talk and update for now. Talk to you soon.

Until then, have a safe holiday season and I wish you all the best start into 2018 with health and fortune as much as you can carry ;)

Thankfully yours

P.S. attached you find a version of this piece without frame. Sharing of the framed version is definitely encouraged;)

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