15k SUBS!!!
We did it! Another milestone down today! The YouTube channel has officially broken 15k subscribers and I am very excited! Usually I'm too busy working on raid videos to dedicate more time towards thank you's, but THIS time I have just finished the Monk guide! With how much effort I put into this, I think it qualifies for a celebration vid. To commemorate, I will be releasing this video tonight for everyone!

"But Drak, what about our Patreon rewards??"

I know, but I haven't come to you with this announcement unprepared! As I post this video, I will also be providing a discount code for you guys to use on all merch! I'm still new to the process on teespring, but hopefully it will work this time. Understand I can't do high discounts because my profit margins are already lower to bring higher quality materials for you and teepring simply won't allow me to get less than 0. Just how it works =\

Anyway, I hope you guys are OK with this and understand my thinking. Thank you all so much for the support and I'm extremely excited for the possibilities in the expansion to come! :D
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