Neon Singularity
This is a new piece of digital art created to accompany my first astrology-related post in a while on my Icon Alchemy website.  

This is actually one variant on a theme, with the other version that I created alongside it to be revealed in today's Patrons-only post.

Having been slow to recover energy and manual dexterity after this Autumn's round of cancer treatments, I decided to spend some time sorting through a backlog of photo files in order to make room for new images, and came across the source photo for this, taken last Spring.  It practically leapt out at me demanding digital enhancement, so I stopped what I was doing and began work on it, which was deeply satisfying after so many months of being unable to create any new images.  

Being a big fan of Retrowave music and imagery, as well as Cyberpunk imagery and literature, a lot of my digital art gets a certain amount of '80s neon treatment, so its no surprise that this set of images went in that direction.

Shreds of light escaping the crushing gravity of a black hole seemed particularly appropriate both for my return to writing after (hopefully) escaping the grip of cancer, and for the return of the Sun after the Long Night of the Solstice.  With Pluto continuing to ramp up the intensity and pressure in my Sun/Mercury/Venus sign of Capricorn, I wanted this to reflect some of that darkness and underworld feeling, and with both Saturn and Mercury having both recently spent some time crossing the Galactic Center (Mercury crossing it twice due to his recent retrograde and about to cross it again now that he's gone direct), the black hole theme feels particularly appropriate.  

My natal Venus is conjunct to a black hole in Capricorn (as are my Sun/Mercury), with transiting Pluto about to cross over her, emphasizing themes of death and transformation, and the effects of radiation on my reproductive system forcing me to experience the remaking of the female side of my self-image via a sudden early menopause, so the pressure and intensity of a black hole is a metaphor for my own transformation that is mirrored in the womb and tomb of our galaxy, the birth-and-death place of all of the stars of the Milky Way.  Even as there is loss and destruction, there is also the dance of creation.