Raise your SMV by joining or forming a Western Traditionalism Club
White, western, Europeans have become atomized. We must reverse the trend or die.

When I was younger the city I grew up in had clubs for all of the specific white ethnicities that were present there. The German club and the Polish club were the largest. They got together regularly to speak their native languages and celebrate the best parts of their culture with food, songs and dances. It was exclusive and it was unabashedly pro-western culture. These type of events helped young people to mix within a pro-family environment where they could find compatible mates with similar marital expectations.

They even used to come to our school to teach the children about German culture, traditional music and to have some fun. It was a very positive experience for me.

When is the last time you heard of someone forming an exclusively white, western cultural association to celebrate their traditions? Could you find one in your city? Virtually every minority group has their cultural centers, and so they remain relatively cohesive and have far less difficulty in finding compatible mates despite having technically less dating options.

According to this study your best chance of meeting your future spouse is through friends (36%), secondly at social functions (bar, club, restaurant at 20%). Church has dropped down to 7%. Unfortunately, westerners have allowed themselves to become highly atomized. We have lost any kind of shared identity that can be used to overcome other minor differences. There is still lots of us out there, but we are not doing a good job of finding each other.

This atomization has created in many a need, a real craving for belonging and identity. A desire for roots and a trusted ingroup. Either we will provide a strong identity for ourselves or one will be provided for us by others who don't have our best interests at heart.

Whenever there is a powerful need, a void in the social market, there is an opportunity to fill it. Who will be the glue that binds us together? It's going to take more than a single man or a single organization. 

Become the man that is needed

Ideally we would have been introduced to community from birth. We would have grown up in a natural social sphere, supported by close family and friends. The ideal was lost by our parents and grandparents. To recreate it for our children we must de-atomize and recreate the bonds of an ingroup.

If the types of organizations that we need existed in abundance Id say “join one, volunteer to make it better”. Seeing as they are rare to non-existent it looks like most of us will have a better chance if we take the initiative to form one.

We need many more good men to step up and become leaders in their communities. This is your challenge, your opportunity to save western civilization and yourselves. May a million local leaders rise up to help bind us together again.

You can form a social club, a tribe so to speak. An association for mutual aid and brotherhood. Perhaps you could call these types of organizations “Western Traditionalism Clubs”. I suggest forming these organizations in two flavours:

  • Western Traditionalism Mens Clubs.
  • Western Traditionalism Family Clubs.

Why not a women's club? Because any Western Traditionalism organization that is not explicitly patricarcial is going to rapidly turn into social cancer. To function in a positive way these groups will need male leadership and guidance.

Single women should seek to join a family based club. 

Western Traditionalism Mens Clubs

Men need to have traditional, exclusively masculine spaces. We need the support and guidance of other men to normalize us. Positive peer pressure will weed out weaknesses and build strengths in a way that no man can do alone.

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens another.” 

Western Traditionalism Family Clubs

These clubs are dedicated to supporting the creation and maintenance of traditional family structures. They can serve as portals to help single people find mates, have an honourable courtship, and encourage the formation of strong marriages. They should promote fruitful and lasting marriages while attacking degeneracy at every opportunity.

Family clubs can also provide an excellent opportunity for mothers to get the close, sisterly support that they need while pregnant and raising children. It will provide your children with safe, pre-vetted association that shares your values.

Just Say No To Equality

Free association brings with it many blessings and some big responsibilities. You will need to put a lot of thought into defining what western traditionalism means to you (your values). Certainly you will need standards to admit and retain people. You will also need some minimal rules and bylaws to prevent your group from getting coopted and turning into a left wing, SJW shit show.

Private clubs mean exclusivity and discrimination. There is nothing wrong or immoral in excluding people from your association for any reason that you deem appropriate. You don't need anyone's permission to exclude any group or person for any reason.

Not everyone should have a say in the clubs governance. It should have something to do with the level of support that the each person gives to the organization. Further, as a fundamentally patriarchal concept you would limit votes to men.

All members should be expected to contribute to the group. A monthly fee is reasonable. Perhaps a small fee for new persons and women and a larger fee for voting males. 

It's reasonable to grow slowly, especially at first. Create a ranking or probationary system for new prospects. Make them earn their way into the group. What they learn they will appreciate and fight to keep.

At least two existing members must take personal responsibility (vouch for) for every new member. Some new members may need “molding” before they conform to the group's values. Their sponsors are responsible to guide them in that process.

One note of caution. Every rule greatly reduces the number of potential members. Avoid unnecessary rules on matters of personal choice. Be flexible when possible, but never on ethics and values.

How to Start

You will need to invest time in forming the nucleus, a small group of men who will lead the group. You need a mix of members with outgoing, socially attractive characteristics to handle recruitment and team building and other men who can see to the planning of the logistical matters.

You are going to have to do the work to find these men. You will need to offer them some very compelling reasons to join your group. Think about the benefits of participation. Arrange social opportunities. Coordinate events together. Network to grow. Talk about how you can improve each others lives. Help members get better jobs, find spouses, etc. Offer guarantees of mutual defense and support in the case of a WROL situation. Remain always very positive and socially attractive to the right people.

It is likely that many people will appear interested but few will follow through. Don't get discouraged, they are simply self selecting out of your club.  

You have to get the word out. The right people need to know that you are recruiting. Ask around and be open that you are trying to form a group to promote certain values. The more open you are about your objectives the faster you will add members.

Avoid letting in disfunctional or broken people. Don't let your group be a substitute for therapy or a place where all the broken people can come to wallow in their misery. (Note: We are all damaged in some way. We all have issues that we deal with. Taking damage is a byproduct of life, being broken however is a choice.)

At first, keep the rules and shared values to a minimum. Truth is the fundamental western cultural value. Start there. As you grow you can become more selective. 

You may wish to build your club around an existing shared cultural element such as your religion, profession, philosophy, etc. Doing so will give you an instant base of men or families to recrute.

If you are building a family based club don't overlook the great contribution that women will make to your group. The key to keeping them happy and productive is to make sure that they have plenty of meaningful work to do. If you are organizing group gatherings regularly they will be pleasantly busy.


The antidote to atomization, weakness, isolation and loneliness is to recreate the bonds of community. It's not fair that we are the ones who have to rebuild society, but it's our burden to bare. No one else will do it for us so get to work!

Note: This is only a rough sketch of the idea of a Western Traditionalism Club. As time goes on I hope to flesh it out with more details.

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