Turn and face the strange
Hey! I'm changing up my Patreon. To start off though, from now on, regular webcomics I make will be available exclusively for Patreon subscribers. I will be releasing print editions of everything I can though, so if you want to wait for them, that's fine. Let's start with the changes to tiers based on how I'll be doing this. If you're already subscribed, you may adjust as necessary.

Shin Sekai (REMIX) $1 Comics! This will feature regular Worldender updates. Not much more to it. You get at least a page every week.

New Horizons $3 Including the previous tier, you now have access to PDF's of the non worldender comics I plan on releasing, as well as PDFs for completed Worldender stories.

Sunset Road $5 Including rewards from previous tiers, you will receive hi-res Worldender pages released in batches of 5

Station to Station $8 Along with all previous tiers, you will receive early versions of Worldender pages, which more often than not is a very different, unpolished experience. These combined with the hi-res pages is the closest I can get to conveying my process on a regular basis.

Promise $10 printed editions, but I hand deliver them. This is obviously somewhat exclusive, but I see 2 of my 10 euro subscribers every week, making them pay shipping costs is dumb. This tier can also apply if you would see me at shows. 

Promise (Reprise) $11 Along with all previous tiers, finished printed editions with be mailed out. The additional charge is shipping costs. Book sizes undetermined. January subscribers to this tier will receive a copy of the first Worldender book.

Let's talk about why I'm doing this now. I want to start out by saying… I have lost all faith and interest in webcomics, and yet I'm still going to make them… but very differently. Once upon a time I would make a comic, post it on the internet and forget about it. But for the last year or so I've struggled with myself as to why. I've been doing this for 9 years now and while I still make comics for the joy of it, I don't know why I'm still giving them away for free. So I won't be doing that anymore. This comes quite easy really, my catalog is monstrous at this point, so what remorse is there to feel? Since the first long form work I did, Mystery of the Murderman-which ended 5 years ago now-I've done a tremendous amount of work. A weirdly long adaptation of my first playthrough of Dark Souls, over 400 daily comics about my life focused entirely on my time in Canada and a weird stint writing comics about a zombie jazz band. All of this stuff is online and I've at least tried to keep it all available over the years and hope to keep it as such. But for the future, I will not be giving comics away for free anymore.

I am now geared towards print work and for this to work things need to change. Printing can be real expensive, especially when there's thousands of pages already finished on top of the stuff I want to do in the future, so all my comics will now be gated by a paywall. All except one. I will release the remainder of Theme of Laura for free when I return to it. Worldender has been a big thing for me for years and not so much do I want it to succeed as I want it to be purposeful. Push myself as an artist and writer and keep building Gilbert's world. The whole point of making a Patreon for these comics was to be held accountable, but now I want to use it to improve both my work and my life. It's no secret my departure from Canada was a messy one and nothing has improved since then. I can't get a job and I can barely afford to live, but the way I've been escaping this is by making comics(and also video games and anime, which inherently lead back to comics). I've been working towards getting a grant to support self employment and I certainly have enough comics to make something of myself, but at this rate, I can't even begin to print a single collection of my dailies. I'm sure people would love to have that book, or even a nice edition of my Dark Souls stuff, painstakingly re-edited to look nicer for print. This is turning into a sob story, but I just want to make comics and it's time to make the logical next step.

That all said, no one has to support the Patreon. If you want to read the comics, I will be releasing print AND digital editions of anything I do when completed, which will be cheaper in some respects. Speaking of which, I've opened an online store for the currently available Worldender collection and the reprint of Storm Chasers. 

The plan from this point forward is to keep up the weekly schedule of Worldender comics(only for patrons), to ensure they get done, but I will also be working on other comics. I want to release one off books about… just things. I already have 2 planned, on top of the current 3 Worldender stories to fill out 2018. One is a collection of stories I never told in my dailies and the other a fictional tale about becoming a Flat Earther.

So yeah. I'm still making comics, but now I want to try and build a life from them. Thanks for reading, from 2008 to now.