Tale Foundry Writing Group

What is the Tale Foundry Writing Group?

The Foundry Writing Group is a weekly Twitch stream where we do live readings and group critiques of microfiction submitted by the community. Mostly, it's a place to come and bask in each others creativity while flexing our writing muscles.
It's a great way to keep the creative spark alive in the interim between Tale Foundry videos! Come join us every Friday at 7:00pm CST!

How can I participate?

Anyone from anywhere, patron or not, subscriber or not, Tale Foundry fan or not, can participate in the writing group simply by showing up to the stream and talking in the chat. Anyone can also submit for a chance to have their piece read like on stream. To find out how, just check out the most recent weekly prompt post! It has all the details!

How can I participate as a patron?

Patrons and Twitch subscribers have a few additional options for participation, which make their submissions far more likely to be read on stream:
Voting — If you're a $1 patron or higher, you get to vote for prompts every week here on patreon!
Discussion — If you're a $5 patron or higher, or a subscriber on Twitch, you get access to the private #writing-group channel in our discord server, which shows up alongside the public chat during streams. This is a more intimate way to interact with the community, and a better way to ensure that your contributions to the conversation are heard and responded to during the stream. First, you need to make sure your Patreon and your Discord accounts are connected. Here's a handy guide on how to do that.  
Submissions — If you're a $5 patron or higher, or a subscriber on Twitch, you get access to a password-protected alternative submission post every week. This submission pool will be much smaller than the public submission pool, which will make your piece much more likely to be selected for reading on stream! Passwords will be shared on Patreon and in the #writing-group channel on discord.
Prompt Suggestions — If you're a $25 patron or higher, you get to suggest a prompt every week on our prompt suggestion posts. Three of these will be chosen at random and added to our weekly prompt vote. 
Prompt Additions — If you're a $100 patron or higher, you get to add your own prompts directly to the vote every week via our construct prompt posts.

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