Crystal Ball #1 – Maseian Air Skiff
Here we go, our first Crystal Ball! If you're new around these parts, here's how it works. We've decided to post this first Crystal Ball as a public article, to give everyone a taste of what the rest are going to be like, should anyone would like to become a patron and keep getting these.

This month you chose "Sails" as the Crystal Ball topic. That led us to a whole new revelation about Maseian society, and their floating mountains:

Maseian Air Skiffs (Google doc, can be downloaded as PDF)

There are three things that the average layman knows about Maseia, the Land of endless plains and floating mountains: 1. Their plains are endless; 2. Their mountains are floating; and 3. You can’t get from the plains to the mountains. 
They’re just too far above, there’s no way to reach such heights. You can’t even build a tall enough structure - the winds on the plains, having no real obstacle to disperse them, are just too strong. Everyone knows the story about the Fjordstadian engineer who tried to reach a mountain using a hot air balloon; they say his diary, washed ashore a few months after his disappearance, is now highly prized by historians since it contains details about what he saw behind the Western Sea Mists after he was swept there by the winds. 
Ask a Maseian, however, (or just make your General Knowledge check) and you’ll hear all about the skiffers, who not only ride the winds up to the mountains daily, bringing back useful ingredients and reagents, but also provide an important service for all Maseian cultures, throughout the Land. 

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