Thank you for all your support through 2017
It's been a long and crazy year, so much has happened, and all of your support has been fantastic and helped me through. 

Before getting into all the goodies, I'm going give some necessary information. I'm currently moving hosts to take costs down a little bit, so my blogs may or may not be out of commission for a few days/weeks. So I'll be writing updates here instead of the blog for a while being!

First things first, my New Year's Resolution for 2017: A year of experiences. Challenged by Twitch Weekly, by them saying I couldn't do it, I got spurred on to actually get through the entire year without buying any new games! I did however get gifted a few. Either way, it feels like an accomplishment for me, at least the first 6 months when I had money. The past 6 months maybe it was way too easy to do it.
[Blog post about the Year of Experiences]

We started out the year with launching this Patreon page in January, and I received fantastic support immediately. The love I felt from you guys, and the strength I found in myself through your support has definitely helped me through this entire year.
[Picture of happiness]

In January I also started university again, after a full year of sick-leave due to my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I worked through my BA-Paper writing all spring. Eventually I completed it in the end of May. But let's not skip too far ahead.

Coinciding with launching this Patreon, I also started streaming over on Twitch. On a somewhat regular schedule. The first 6 months was few streams a month, except for thesis crunching in April and May.
[Twitch channel, maloki aka kinkymal]

In February / March I started with #PassionSaturday which kinda stuck, and kinda just became a habit. A mix between doing something I was passionate about, something new, and having a rest day from "things I have to do" (responsibilities). What I've done on Saturdays have varied, some have been Starcraft themed (because tournaments tend to be aplenty on Saturdays), I've baked, and we've gone to the market for fruit and veges. 
[YouTube with Vlogs]

For my birthday in April we had a fantastic day of streaming and gaming, and laughing. All of you who came by made that day really good for me. And I hit a bit of a milestone as I could plan a 10hr session of streaming, without exhausting myself too much.
[Post about Birthday Stream]

By the end of April I also started working at Mastodon, where I stayed on as a project manager until August. While I was quite energized and enthusiastic about the influx of people, to this new fantastic platform I may have not been quite ready for everything, but I went for it anyways. I had to try. And it worked, for a while.
[Me on Mastodon]

Summer began with me finishing off my BA-Paper, passing my defense of it, and being done with school. I had also worked overtime with Mastodon, well rather, over time together with what I was supposed to do. But my heart was in it so my mind followed.
June was a rest month, from pretty much everything.

In July Loa and I began our new venture, streaming together! Back then the Channel was called "kinkymal" so we could easily rebrand mal to mean "maloki and Loa" which we did. We streamed almost every day during July, and at the beginning of August we got invited to be affiliates on Twitch. [Yey! Much hype!]

We also tried to make a regular ShowTalk about Game of Thrones, but it only lasted for 3 episodes, because after that I had run out of spoons. [ShowTalk ep 1 Spoiler Warning!]

August was filled with more streaming, until we were supposed to start school again. We tried to keep streaming regularly, but then... in September my grandmother died. And that kinda put me on hiatus for the entire fall.

In November we got an extra webcam, and a new headset for Loa which has improved our stream quality, especially when we duo-stream.

I've just come back now in December with some energy again. Mostly because I came to a realization: Just because I have a little bit of energy doesn't mean I'm ready  to take on big projects again! And I think I captured this pretty well in this story time video.
[Story Time]

All in all this has been a fantastic year, I've gotten to know so many new people. And I have received incredible support. Thanks to everyone who supported me on Patreon I have enough money to last us 2 extra months, as we are living off savings and only half a student loan at the moment. This buys us extra time for Loa to find a job, and for me to keep working on the streaming, and other things I'd like to do. I still have to manage my energy a lot, and just because I can do the dishes doesn't mean I should try to conquer the world.

Past, present and future patrons, Thank you so much. Every little bit helps, it truly does, because together you all become a big force of support. Remember that! 

For those looking for alternative means of support, you can subscribe to us on Twitch [for emotes], you can support send me money directly via PayPal [I know], donate via Liberapay [Weekly], check out my Amazon Wishlist to improve production quality [TwitchList], or you can share like and share this post! (Yes, yes, corny. But I have to do the sales pitch)

What's to come in 2018? Updates will come in the next few days regarding that, as this has already been a quite long post. Again, thank you everyone for everything.