Theme from "Adler"
This must be the tune Adler hears in his head while he's Antcartin'.*  It turned out so good, I couldn't wait to share it.  I think I'll try this "early access" function..  If I understand correctly how it works, my $3 patrons will get to listen for a few days before everyone else does.

Rhythm parts (including the wocka-chicka sound that would have traditionally been played on a guitar) came from the modular rack, guided by Mutable Grids.  Bass is a real electric bass, guitar is an electric ukulele, electric piano is coming from a Yamaha Reface CP.  All voices are sung by me.  The Rockford Files lead at the end also came from the modular rack, in this case specifically from the Pittsburgh Lifeforms synth core.

*If you have forgotten what Antcartin' is, take another look at http://www.patreon.com/posts/14349995

Funkalicious lyrics:

Who is that skunk antcartin' down the street, dressed up in green satin and a-groovin' to the beat?

ADLER YOUNG!  Say it again.  ADLER YOUNG!  Ya damn right.

He's one bad mamma-jamma with the Irenaeus looks.  Ladies all go crazy for the stew that he cooks.

ADLER YOUNG!  One mo' time.  ADLER YOUNG!  Yeah, he the one.

He knows a lotta magick.  He mastered every Wile.  He got the secret touch to make the ladies smile.

ADLER YOUNG!  Shut yo mouth.

He's cool as a mushroom and his fur is snowy white.  Don't call him no stink-cat, coz this cat is outta sight!

ADLER YOUNG!  Right on.

He's chosen by Fuma to save the Shining Land.  The High King of Faerie is appointed to command.

ADLER YOUNG!  Just talkin' bout Adler.  ADLER YOUNG!  His Imperial Majesty.

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