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Digest Editor: Peter Moskowitz


-OMG! It’s 2018! That’s weird! Last year was trash! Here’s hoping this year is better. Will it be??? Probably not!!!  But let’s hope it is!!!! Please!!!! I at least bought a new winter jacket that is very warm!!!  Stay warm out there!!! Don't die!!!!!!!!!!

-But starting off the year with some good news: Unions in the media seem to be on a sustainable upward trend. Most workers at Vox now appear to be pro-union (ahem recognize that union Vox!), and there are already unions at Thrillist, The Intercept, MTV News, Huffington Post, Vice, Gizmodo/Fusion and The Daily Beast. That union just won a cost-of-living increase for its lowest paid employees and a company credit card for work expenses. And (fingers crossed, knocking on wood), it seems like the LA Times will vote to unionize in two days (hopefully Tronc’s hilariously boilerplate propaganda won’t work).

-Meanwhile, BuzzFeed is using the same union-busting tactics as other, less friendly-faced corporations: treating its employees like shit and then insisting they are well-treated by giving them meaningless tokens of gratitude like free caviar. BuzzFeed also let go of one of the only good things it produced, Another Round. I can’t tell if BuzzFeed is successfully changing its content strategy or just cutting corners until it collapses. I guess we’ll see!

-More good news: A Washington D.C. jury acquitted the first six defendants in the J20 case (the government’s insane attempt to charge 200 people, including journalists, with felony rioting because of a few broken windows). But there are still over a hundred defendants with charges against them, and the government seems intent on moving forward with those cases, even though one juror told Unicorn Riot (which, btw, has been the best source of reporting throughout this whole debacle) that the government essentially has no evidence to convict people. Kinda scary that the feds are going after people in this way, but the fact that the jury saw the case as ridiculous gives me some hope!

-Everyone here has read about problems at VICE, but if you haven’t read Robyn Kanner’s piece and tweet thread, it’s worth a go. The thread is also a good reminder that journalism comes in many forms, and that many stories go untold because they can only be told anonymously, not triple-verified by the NYTimes (it’s, uh, interesting, how the Times will base entire political stories on one anonymous source (that’s how we got into the Iraq war lol) but for sexual harassment stories everything needs multiple sources on record :/).

-I think the national fake news story is overblown, but this is kinda scary: In Maine, an illegitimate news site slandered a local progressive politician, which was then picked up by right-wing groups in the area, and probably tipped a local election.

-The Atlantic is getting a paywall. It’s a good start to putting the publication on stable footing. Next step, IMHO: fire its war-mongering senior editor.

-Hey important topic but, uhhhhhhhh, why did this need to be a 360-degree video????????? (h/t to Harron Walker)

Cool-Sounding Opportunities 


-Foreign Affairs is hiring an assistant editor. Entry level! Anyone know anything about working here?

-Hyperallergic is looking for an associate editor (they also list a staff writer position but word has it that’s been filled). One Study Haller said it’s a fast-paced and all-consuming job, so probably not good for the long-term, but good for eager, energetic people.

-BuzzFeed is hiring a junior designer. Infiltrate! Unionize! Leak things to me (IDK why I have such a vendetta against BuzzFeed tbh).

-Slate is hiring a copy editor, a podcast producer, and a few other positions. 

-The New Yorker is also hiring a copy editor. I once interned there and was up for this position but learned two things: I am terrible at copy editing, and it only pays ~$28,000.

-Apply for a Nieman fellowship by the end of this month to cover stories in under-covered places.

-Be a Bureau Chief with only two years experience! WAMC, a really good NPR station in Upstate New York, is looking for someone to head their Berkshire Bureau. The Berkshires are beautiful!

-Texas Monthly reposted their listing for a news and politics editor, so I guess no one good applied the first time around. Apply!

-Axios, my least favorite publication, has a bunch of openings for reporters and editors.

-The Real Deal (a real estate pub) is looking for a national editor. As far as I know the pay kinda sucks.

-CUNY’s journalism school has an opening for an associate professor of video journalism. I went to CUNY so feel free to AMA. It’s a good place to start teaching, if that’s your thing.

-Eater is hiring a features editor.


-Sandra Allen, a good writer, is hiring a part-time assistant.

-The Washington City Paper, now under new ownership, and is looking for lots of pitches.

-Whitney Joiner, a features editor at Hearst (overseeing Esquire, Elle, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and House Housekeeping), is looking for pitches.

-Hanson O’Haver at Vice is looking for pitches on skateboarding. [email protected].

Final Thoughts

-I am a writer, a person who keeps words safe.