Episode 5 Now Available

Episode 5 starts a week after Episode 4 which found the crew dealing  with an extraction and rescue mission deep in Hegemony territory.  The  ship has now been trapped for two weeks and the threat of being lost  forever is weighing on the crew.  The Aloshan have just the thing  though, it's time for a tournament and celebration, a yearly boost to  the morale during the war.  The Commander is given little choice but to  partake in the festivities, but to do that, they need some training by  members of the crew.

~Initial Public Release

~Fixed Episode 5 Patreon Scene not being re-playable in the Gallery
~Fixed a slew of typos in Episode 3, 4, and 5.

~Main menu fixed and working.  If you are on 5.0 you can just update from Preferences.  if you installed 5.0.5 please re-download from the site.

~Patreon Exclusive Gallery for Episode 5 assumes you have the Episode 4 Gallery unlocked, pushing out an update but in the mean time, just unlock Episode 4 using the Code.  All codes found here: https://www.patreon.com/drmaddoc47/posts?tag=Code

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