First ep of 2018 features a charmingly jet lagged just-back-from-12-days-in-Vietnam me, giving you three occult tools to enact in the new year, and discussing occult stigma!

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  • How we stigmatize our spiritual feelings as leftists/progressives: 2:00
  •  Secrets and vulnerability: 3:00
  • You don't need a metaphysics to do occult exercises: 4:35
  • Sexual liberation is an constant unfolding, not a moment. Notes from Conner's first porn shoot: 5:00
  • What's stopping you? Notice the negative feeling you're having, and proceed anyway. And also say thanks: 9:10
  • First practice - Manifesting. And Yes I know that word is an LA new age freak out word: 10:40
  • I want to do this manifesting stuff but it's too hard for me to accept. Okay.: 16:00
  • Dismissing these techniques because others are suffering is exploitative luxuriating: 17:40
  • Becoming secure in your occult masculinity or whatever, bro: 20:10
  • Second practice - Judging your thoughts: 20:40
  • We are addresses where spiritual beings gather, and our thoughts are their movements: 22:45
  • Third practice - Diminishing Anxiety by Developing the Will: 25:05
  • This is how I do what I do: 30:25


"Wherever you have a secret, that is where you are vulnerable." I wrote about Amber Hollibaugh and her importance in my life (along with queer pioneer, Edward Carpenter) here. Also, there's lots about sex in a public, in a building at the university I went to.

If you have a super cynical feeling about new agey, self helpy stuff, okay, I get it. So did punk rocker and smutty novelist Jen Sincero, and now she's a total new agey, self helpy person, and she's awesome.  Her first book was a huge help to me.

I talk about some of this manifestation stuff with Gordon White on our latest episode of Rune Soup.

I first encountered this Taoist thought-judging tactic in Opening the Dragon Gate: The Making of  Taoist Modern Wizard. That's also the book club pick for December/January. So if you're a patron at that level, you get to read awesome books like this with me and other participants!

The changing of the handwriting is a lesson from Rudolf Steiner, and most clearly expressed in his talk, "Overcoming Nervousness," found in this excellent little collection, Anthroposophy in Everyday Life.

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