Extra (Public) Microfiction: The Adventure of the Tekeli-li Graveyard.
This is not your weekly microfiction: it's extra. The folks over at Phantom Sway are encouraging people to do microfictions like this for Friday. Normally, of course, I like to get paid.  But I need to push the Patreon again this month to get it back up above $150/month (and thus, guaranteeing the 3K word short stories). So... here you go. Extra story! Public post, so people can link to it! Huzzah!

The Adventure of the Tekeli-li Graveyard

Holmes leaned on his prized Lomarian ice-cane. “The Thing must have been spinning end-to-end and white-hot when it struck the glacier wall here. See the melt pattern, Watson? From the angle, I conclude that both it and the Monster were indeed fighting on the Prometheus’s main deck.  Note, though: only one set of tracks.  Clearly, the Monster came to finish the Thing off.”

“But Holmes,” I asked, “Why did not the Thing simply consume and replace the Monster, like it did poor Victor and the crew?”

Holmes snorted. “It no doubt tried. But already-dead flesh would not suit its stomach.”

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